Hello Lovely

I’m so excited that you’re here!

I have so much joy + wisdom to share with you that I was practically bursting at the seams to get it all out. That’s why I’ve created this place. This is where I show you how to master your life and honor yourself at the same time.

You can think of me like your digital, wise older sister (ok, not thaaat much older). I’ve been through all the shit, and I’ve come out the other side clear, happy and ready to report back, so you can navigate it all a lot easier.

our back stories

During our post-university years, we can get so caught up doing what we think are the right things—focusing on our careers, expanding our CVs, and planning our futures—that we forget to live our lives in the present. We honor our “adult responsibilities” instead of ourselves. When all the feedback you hear is “you can’t do that” or “that’s impossible,” it limits you from being you. And you are AMAZING.

We can put so much importance on things—relationships, careers, the way we look—that we forget to look inward and ask ourselves who we really are and what we really want.


It’s so hard to walk away from the expectations of our jobs, our families, and our relationships and do the things that spark our spirits instead. You can always find a reason not to, and it seems pretty darn reasonable at the time. “I’ll do it when I have more money. I just need to pay off my student loans first.” “I’ll just stay in this job a little while longer; the economy is tough right now.” “I’ll take that gap year when I have more work experience.” “I’ll pick up this skill because it’ll look great to my employer, even though it doesn’t really interest me at all.” “I’ll travel when I’m retired.” “This is just how it has to be for now.” “It is what it is.”

But I believe in less logic, more truth. Because when you’re sitting on your rocking chair at 80, the wisdom you’ve gained won’t be all from the boardroom. It’ll be from your life experiences too. And you have to allow yourself room for both.

In my 20s, I spent a lot of time waiting, and wondering about the things that weren’t sitting right with me.

I thought about stuff like…

“How is it that I’m working so hard at my job but I feel so unfulfilled?”

“Is it normal to be this unhappy?”

“Is this even what I want to be doing?”

“What’s wrong with me anyway?”

But back in my real life, I had mastered the art of putting up the “I can handle this” persona. Inside, I wondered why nobody was helping me, but outside I wasn’t asking anyone for help.

And it’s no wonder. I hated to be vulnerable.

I’d try to solve every problem myself instead of asking for guidance, and that stalled me more than anything. I wanted to have all the answers, but that was impossible. How could I have the knowledge without the experience? I thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness—adults do it all themselves, after all. It was as if I was trying to prove something to the world.

But I had this other layer inside of me that was dying to get out, and I couldn’t see how it fit into the world that I knew. I didn’t know anyone that was living their true purpose. All of my friends were going through exactly what I was. Or, I was pretty sure they were anyway. The conversations we had about it were pretty low-level, about one-off experiences, because we couldn’t see how it all fit together—our bosses, our boyfriends (or girlfriends), our bodies. We kept it at surface level because we didn’t know how to articulate what we were truly feeling, and even if we could have, we were too embarrassed to admit it to ourselves much less other people.

I couldn’t think through it clearly—I just knew that something was off. After all, we weren’t put here to be miserable, were we?

I wasn’t allowing my authentic voice—the true one in my soul—out to play. In public, I pretended that it wasn’t there. I said and did what was expected of me. I was too afraid of what would happen otherwise, so I pushed it down and ignored it altogether.

our careers

It all started with my career. I had made it the most important box in my life. I viewed my job as solely successes and failures instead of one piece of a complete life. When things didn’t go to plan, I would overwhelm myself with the emotions that followed. I felt mounds of pressure on my shoulders to do my best at the office while simultaneously avoiding the talks with my managers and supervisors that would actually take me to those levels. I’d even start to look for new jobs when it became too much, only to find the same issues would pop up in the next one.

At 27, I got the opportunity to take over the entire Asia Pacific region at my job. They told me the job was mine if I could just wait for a year while the pieces came together. I remember thinking, “I don’t have time for that!” I jumped ship and grabbed the next opportunity I could find. I moved for the money and the job title, but I didn’t understand how to look at the long-term and the other things that matter in a job. I was harming myself with my behavior, but I couldn’t see it at the time.

lost your way?

I had stopped listening to what I truly wanted, prioritizing what would be “good” for my life, or what I had been told would be good anyway. I didn’t have the skills to change my path back then. I didn’t understand that that was even possible. But if I had spoken up, I would have realized that I wasn’t alone. Far from it, actually. There were people out there who had made alternative choices and were thriving; I just hadn’t met them yet.

I experimented with meditation, exercise, healthy eating, spending time with friends, and self-care, but then I would backslide. I’d forget all of the habits I’d just built, lose the rhythm and disappear back into the job again. I ignored the things that would give me more energy and love. I didn’t know how to stop and do things for myself or how to enjoy my free time. I was so tired I would watch TV and approach food as if it was an inconvenience whose only job was to get me back to work. On the weekends I’d go out with the girls and party hard, only to wake up the next day with even less energy than I’d started with. I was in so deep I didn’t even realize the danger I was in. And I was in danger. I was in danger of waking up in 30 years completely burned out, full of resentment, and feeling bitter over all of the things that could have been.

i get you

But now I know there are a lot of us out there who live like this—and more importantly, I’ve learned how to get out of the cycle and get into who I am. I have gone through the journey, and I have test driven the strategies that affect real change. I surrounded myself with the right mentors, friends and resources, and in the process I’ve discovered the keys to balance. I now know how to integrate travel, how to treat myself well, and how to get to the bottom of my truth instead of taking on someone else’s.

Why did it take me so long to get here? Because I didn’t have the guidance I needed to go any faster. But you do.

I’m here because I don’t want it to take you as long as it took me.

My calling is to build a community of young women who recognise their potential. I don’t want to tell you what to do; I just want you to feel confident in your choices—excited in your life, in where you are now and in the journey you’re on.

YOU can get out and see the world.

You CAN do the things that matter to you. You are so competent and capable. You don’t need trophies to prove it.

You just have to START believing it.

LIFE gets so much better when you stop living the way you “should” and start living the way you want to.

Lets get YOUR journey started,


P.S. Here’s the resource I use to check in when I can no longer hear my own truth.

Checklist - Living My Truth

  • Tania Rowland is one of life's great communicators. When we first met I wondered if she was a quiet or shy person but I soon realised that Tania was not quiet, far from it, she was listening to me. When you engage with Tania , she is fully present in each moment and gives you her full attention. 

    After listening and engaging in conversation she doesn't come at you with solutions or advice telling you the best road to take based on her lengthily experience in fact quite the opposite. I'm sure that Tania could create a road map for success for me in a matter of minutes however instead she gives me the tools and resources to go out and create my own plan. 

    After  speaking with Tania no matter what kind of a place I am in before hand I always feel elevated yet aware of a sensible approach to gain control and make the journey to my goals as enjoyable as achieving them. 

    I throughly recommend speaking with Tania , I love her friendly yet professional approach.  Undoubtably she is is a woman who means business however there is no feminism or cockiness attached to her personality just a refreshing energy of a lady who doesn't think the world owes her anything - rather she is finding out what she can give to the world. 

    Georgie - Ireland
  • I work with Tania professionally and she has become a mentor to me not only with work, but also on a personal level. She has so much knowledge and experience and is able to share this with me in a relatable and fun way. 

    She has inspired me to strive for the best in life and command respect as a young woman at the beginning of my career. 

    Tania has helped me to improve my sales skills which are relevant to my current job, but has also taught me broader people management skills that will be useful in my future, both professionally and personally. 

    Not to mention she is just an awesome person and I feel privileged to have her as a mentor.

    Danielle - New Zealand