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You just never seem to be doing what feels right.

 You’re not working in a job that feels right, you’re not living how you thought you would, and you just don’t seem to have the right people around you (even though you love your friends)

It’s not for lack of trying.


But you don’t know what you should be doing

You just know you are meant for more.

To be living Bigger, Bolder, Braver


 It feels like your life is on a treadmill.

   With all the best intentions, you end up where you started, never moving forward and never living the life you feel you were born to live.

The pattern is always the same


Unsatisfying job


Living pay cheque to pay cheque


Not hanging with people who “get what you want from life”, people who don’t dream as big as you


Letting “others” influence what is right for you


Never feeling like you’re being your


Feel like you’re living some else's life?

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Do these examples seem familiar?



You love the idea of travel.

You’d like to take a few years off to see the world while you are deciding your best career options.

You’ve talked it over with friends and family.  They have given some very practical advice, about not taking time out from career, that now you are working you really should be saving for the future, and maybe some of them have even shared stories based on their own life journey. Then why are you feeling conflicted? You’ve been given great advice but it doesn’t feel like what you actually want. Sometimes you need advice from an impartial person. From someone that doesn’t have predetermined expectations of how your life is supposed to be.



You’re keen to understand what’s a good career path for you. And what options will set you up for the future beyond your current role.

But even though you know your boss means well, he/she doesn’t seem to be able to give you much insight. They ask you to suggest jobs you’re keen on but you don’t know if they are right for you. You need and want more insight into your current skills and where they could take you.



Your friends are so important to you and you don’t want to loose them.

But sometimes it feels like they don’t believe in your dreams as much as you do.

They don’t understand how you feel and your frustrations. You need to find a way to be true to yourself while keeping your friendships. And you would love someone who gets you to talk this through with.

Would you love to find answers to this stuff?


How do you know what is your truth? How do you figure out what is your true purpose?

How do you know what career and life choices are best for you?

How do you separate what are other peoples wish’s for you are v.s. your own?

Does any of this sound like your life?


You’re great at getting the next job, but it ends up with the same frustrations as the last.

You’re not stimulated, challenged, or seeing the purpose of why you are doing it. 

You are just not LIVING ON PURPOSE.



And you expect to be able to give a lot back!


You want to understand the bigger picture and what role you play in it.


You’ve lost touch with your own inner voice. You doubt your ability to even know what you want, and what the answers are to see your way forward.

You keep asking yourself

Should I just settle?

Why am I unhappy when this is enough for other people?

Am I being unrealistic?

Am I wrong in thinking there is more?

Were my childhood dreams just fantasy?

Am I NOT meant for more?

All you hear and see now is what is wrong in your career and life and you just don’t know where to start

This is exactly what I help my clients with.

Your story, is perhaps like my story and so many other women’s

Let me share some of my story.


I remember leaving University with such high aspirations but I wasn’t clear what was the best path for me. I was making decisions based on what others thought were right for me, what would look good, rather than managing my own compass and making my own choices. (I know this now with hindsight)

I saw myself living Big, Bold and Brave, but that was not the environment I had being raised in, or who I really was.

“Others” expectations of me held greater weight than my own dreams, desires and needs.
I took on roles based on the promise of career progression, not based on what would excite and reward me.

I struggled in some roles as I wasn’t a natural fit. I struggled with being vulnerable and I didn’t know how to ask for help.
I internalised that maybe I wasn’t as good as I had thought, that maybe the problem was me, maybe life wasn’t meant to be easy.
I began to believe that ‘career’ was about doing it hard, fighting for what you want and definitely not about fun.


I would ask myself:

Why was I always feeling like I had to fight for recognition and promotion?

Why did I never feel part of the team?
When would my big break come?

Why wasn’t there more?


I did eventually get career success, I gained the corner office, I worked the long hours but I still wasn’t happy. The money was never enough, and I was always looking for “my big break”

And then one day, I hit the wall.


You know you’ve hit a wall
I finally asked

I was honest with myself, and I acknowledged that I had been acquiring material things, gathering job titles, but that I was still not happy or satisfied.
And I knew if I stayed on this path, I’d be a miserable, middle-aged woman.
I did a year of intensive ‘facing my fear‘ activities, I attended events around the globe, I did online courses, I got a coach. I invested in ME.
I got comfortable with being uncomfortable.
I focused on what I actually liked, what gave me satisfaction. I started prioritising activities that felt like fun. I stopped feeling guilty about putting my needs and desires first.
I was still working the same job, but for different reasons.
and I stopped taking on projects I didn’t want to work on.

Today, I know what makes me happy. I know how to say NO to people and YES to me, and today I don’t measure my success by the external world, but what I have defined is ‘my good life’
This doesn’t mean every day is a breeze and that I have it all yet.
But I sure am in control of my life and my choices. I experience joy and happiness, and I know where I want to go and what I value.
I have learnt that it IS about the journey and not the destination.
That if we dream big, take action and believe in ourselves, life can be so much more.
That having fun, connecting with like-minded people and making a difference can bring so much joy and satisfaction into your life.

I want you to be the Hero of Your Life.

To feel that you are in control, that you believe in yourself and you have the confidence, courage and support to live the life you were born to live.


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